A Line in the Script focuses on those undeniable moments when your favorite entertainment outlet becomes your pursuit for an escape. This is your channel to get the latest reviews from those TV series, movies, and books that continuously live up to your blend of addicting genres. And we all know a good show or book isn’t complete without a tasty meal and a glass of wine.

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What is that specific line or monologue given by a fictional character that captured your attention towards a drama, thriller or mystery?

–It’s the aftermath of a line that has the power to leave us devastated…

–It’s that line that changes the history of a storyline…

–It’s the moment within the line that causes us to hope.

Check out the Weekly Lines page to see some of the all time favorite lines from a variety of shows or even include your own in the comments!

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A little about me; Katherine Laguna


My parents are from Puerto Rico although I was born in the States. I’ve lived in Florida basically my entire life. I am a graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Telecommunications, News. While at UF, I worked as a reporter for WUFT Channel 5, writing, shooting video and editing news packages for the evening newscast—which broadcasts in several cities such as Gainesville and Jacksonville.
My love for television productions has led me to write several articles on many high rating television series including FOX’s Gotham, NBC’s Chicago PD and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.
On my spare time I enjoy creating a setting, characters and twisty plots. Creating a new world that isn’t our own, leaves me with endless possibilities without rules. Currently I am writing my first novel and plan to publish it in the near future. Becoming an author is the cherry to my professional career.

For more information please write to me at alineinthescript@gmail.com